Welcome to Owl Intranet Engine


We have developed a REST API in collaboration with Share US in the Netherlands, that allows a remote Application to sign in to the Doxbox DMS, Add files, Update files, Get Files etc.

The API has limited functionality at this time and can/will be extended in the future.  Based on Customer feedback and API Usage we will extend its functionality as needed.

Owl 1.12 Bug Fix Release

Here is a list of fixed and Features for 1.12

  • BUG: Fixed issue with mysql-tables.sql not creating Administator group with id = 0 as expected by Doxbox
  • NEW FEATURE: Show the list of users that are online, can be turned on / off from config/owl.php
  • BUG: Wrong DB selected when using Multiple DBs
  • Cleanup: Removed commented out print Statements used by the PRE templated code
  • BUG: online help did not reflect the new user_import Format
  • New Feature: Added Note Notification
  • Added a class declartion for owl_lang, to prevent php Warning
  • Bulk Email Multiple Select Box for Email, values all blank
  • Added autocomplete="off" on all Password fields
  • move.php code cleanup
  • BUG: Fixed issue with the logo not being displayed on the printError Page
  • BUG: When Copying a File, ACLs where not copied to the new file
  • Bug: On User Creation the User interface Access and Download Count Feature Option where not Displayed
  • Replaced pdftoppm to imagemagik convert to generate pdf thumbnails pdftoppm is now obsolete
  • Code Cleanup, remove OLD Comments, re-indent
  • Performance improvement in the Search Logic
  • Removed Old version of Tiny MCE Rich Text editor
  • Added Asian (HIRAGANA and KATAKANA) list_of_valid_chars_in_file_names
  • Moved the DomTT popup code to the owl.php file, for easier configuration
  • Part 2: Issue whit the default View as set in the user profile was not taking effect on login
  • Removed Old Pre template Code that was commented out already
  • Some templates did not have styles.css and login.css in the css subdirectory
  • Resized Folder Menu Icons to 16px to match existing ones
  • Fixed Issue with long descriptions not wrapping, Tooltip not wrapping and default tooltip displaying over DomTT Tooltip
  • Issue white the default View as set in the user profile was not taking effect on login
  • VARNAME_VAULE instead of VARNAME_VALUE in there user edit template that did not save the File Admin Membership flag
  • Storing Files to the DB was corrupting the file because the data was converted to UTF8 prior to storage. Added a way to pass the character set to db_mysql default UTF8, and using latin1 for all filedata INSERT or Updates
  • Bug Fix: Issue where Custom Field Values where not saved to the database
  • Bug Fix: When Sorting on the Updator column the filename in Title column was replaced with the Username
  • Added KANJI Character Range to the Config file.
  • DocType creation in the admin section fix
  • Maintenance Mode Not working fix
  • Removed Legacy fPrintAminPanel Function was replaced by fPrintAdminPanelXTPL
  • Fixed Login Issue with RADIUS Authentication
  • Fixed issue with Notification functions not selecting the Users Language to send out emails
  • Fixed an issue with the escapshellargs stripping out french Characters from filenames
  • URL files should open in a NEW Window, added a FILE_MENU_TARGET Attribute
  • Initial Load was executing Purge Historical Instead of Intial Load
  • Typo in the include line that failed to load the radius Class File
  • Added Missing Columns
  • WebDav now respects Hidden Backup Folder Configuration
  • Features: 1. Define if the user can access Web Interface, WebDav or Both 2. Count the number / size of a users download for a session length and Disable the user and notify Admin
  • Issue where the Current Permissions for a User was not displayed correctly. Subsequent saves from the Set Acl Screen would cause the Permissions to be saved with Wrong ACL for those users
  • Thumbnail generation for docx xlsx
  • Added CONSTANT DOXBOX_VERSION for the locale/*/language.inc files
  • Added new Translations + re-aligned the strings
  • Added WebDav Function to get the DAV client Connecting
  • Issue generating Browse sort by column URL when the root_url = ""
  • function notify_users fails with "invalid adress: please insert a e-Mail-Adress" if a user has no emails on his profile
  • Fixed strict Standards: assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in View.php
  • setacl.php removed //print comment lines that where not for debug
  • Allowed checkin Icon on the action menu for the ADMIN users to check a file back in
  • Issue with htmlentities converting stings to ISO now Forcing UTF-8
  • SQL Injections fix for URL Parameter sortname
  • Added autocomplete="off" to the password fields for additional Security
  • Fixed Potential Cross-Site Scripting issue on the admin/doctype.php with the doctype URL paramater
  • Fixed Potential Cross-Site Scripting issue on the prefs.php and admin/index.php on the owluser URL PARM
  • Commented out Support/Customer Debug code
  • Fixed Potential Cross-Site Scripting issue on the prefs.php Parent Url Parameter
  • Added a Debug message when the user Authentication results in a User Disabled message + removed some commented lines
  • Editing a user the Number of active sessions X / [Field] X was not displaying the current number of active sessions but the MAX sessions instead
  • What is Doxbox / Owl?

    Owl is a multi user document repository (knowledge base) system written in PHP for publishing files/documents onto the web for a corporation, small business, group of people, or just for yourself.


    Owl offers a complete set of features that makes it unique and pleasure to use, among them we can highlight:

  • Multi-user environment Folder and file permissions.
  • Group permissions. Anonymous access.
  • Self register capabilities, Capcha Support password size policy enforcement
  • Upload Progress Bar Indicator
  • Check IN / Check OUT of files
  • ACL (Access Control List) Security
  • Persistent login.
  • Easy to use Simple and clear user interface.
  • Notifications for owner and group.
  • File and folder monitoring.
  • Searchable (integrated search tool). Search within txt, ms-word and pdf files.
  • Bulk operations (move, mail, delete...)
  • mp3 info reading, displays mp3 info (artist, album, quality...)
  • Sitemap
  • Easy to use and clean administration interface Higly scalable, size of the database is limited by your hardware.
  • Event Logging
  • Integrated log viewer Download statistics.
  • Ability to store files in the filesystem or database, for versatility.
  • DB Backup tool
  • Sets up very quickly.
  • News system.
  • Version control.
  • Trash collection.
  • Custom document types.
  • Peer review
  • Built in Email Tool
  • Thumbnail Generation (images, WORD, PDF, Video) 3 Sizes
  • Thumbnail View for sites with allot of images
  • PDF Watermarking,
  • ZIP File Upload with automatic Extraction
  • Download Notes and Text Documents as PDF
  • User Home Directory / Initial Directory
  • User Favorite links
  • Customizable User Interface
  • Themes (CSS Based)
  • Storage of Files to the File System
  • Storage of Files to a Database
  • Owl Keeps File System and Database in Sync
  • Multi Database/Repository Support
  • 1.10 Features:
    • Jupload UPDATE  with Version Control
    • Microsoft PowerPoint (ppt) Indexing
    • Template Based
    • Embedded Flash Video Player to View Video
    1.00 Features:

    Here is a list of features that will be available in a Future Release, you can preview Some of them In our demo.

    • WEBDAV (Edit your MS OFFICE Documents Inline using MS OFFICE Tools)
    • Bulk Upload via Jupload Java Applet Supports Drag and Drop from End Users Desktop.
    • Anonymous / Guest Account Restricted by IP Address / Sub nets
    • Message OF the Day displayed on the Login Page
    • Multiple File Upload at the same time
    • File Hashing (3 different File Hashing are calculated)
    • RSS Feeds
    • File Expiry (Files Automatically removed on Expiry date)
    • Force Browser into SSL
    • File Update can now be done with a file of a different name
    • Auto Checkout of files on Download
    • Additional Logging of Peer Review actions
    • Maintenance mode to disable Logins
    • Maximum Attachment size for Notifications
    • Folder Linking
    • Better Search performance and search "Begins With" "Ends With" and "Exact Match"

    What is Owl Ultralite?

    Owl is asimple document repository (knowledge base) system written in PHP for publishing files/documents onto the web for a corporation, small business, group of people, or just for yourself.

    The lite version doesn't use a database, it reads a directory structure directly on the web server. Simple to install, simple to use, try the demo.


    Group 1 Tab

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